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Atl-164 Advanced Rectal Touch Examination Model

1. Prostate palpation: 1) Normal prostate: chestnuts size, can touch sulcus of prostate; 2) BPH: I degree of hyperplasia, egg size, shallow of sulcus of prostate; 3) BPH: II degree of prostatic hyperplasia, duck egg size, absent of sulcus of prostate; 4) BPH: III degree of prostatic hyperplasia, severe prostatic enlargement, regular surface and hard texture, goose? egg size, cannot touch the bottom of the prostate; 2. Rectum palpation: 1) Normal rectum 2) Rectum polyps: Most is solitary, with peduncular polyp; 3) Early rectum cancer: Palpable of tumor nodules on rectal wall surface, hard texture; 4) Advanced rectum cancer: Little big tumor nodules are palpable on rectal wall surface, with uneven surface, hard texture, the late development stage of rectum cancer.


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