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Atl-61 advance Intramuscular Injection Training Arm(Soft)
This is the most advanced and detailed training model that gives the soft feel like the real Human Arm.

This model has been precisely designed by our highly trained medical professionals and is recommended for students in all major Colleges, Universities & Medical Institutions.
This is the most advanced and detailed traning model that gives the soft feel like the real Human Arm.
Main Features:
The model can be used by a group of two students. One wears the simulator and the other practice on it.
The simulator simulates the realistic structure of human upper arm, the skin of which is very smooth and the design is very convenient. The whole set is portable. This feature makes it a very convenient simulator for professional training institute.
It has a very precise anatomical structure. During practice if people inject too deeper the red indicating light will turn on and an alarm voice will come.
Simulating liquid is capable for injecting and it will come out through the outlet tube.
Standard Equipment:
Disposable water-proof fabric cushion
Deluxe portable box.

Packing: Each piece is individually packed in a Deluxe Briefcase.


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