150A 250A 94105

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Model 150A 250A
Capacity 180L 250L
Temperature range 5-50¡æ 5-50¡æ
Temperature accuracy ¡À1¡æ¡¡ ¡À1¡æ¡¡
Compressor power 124W 200W
Heating power 100W 142W
Liner material Aluminum material Aluminum material
Supply power 220V 50Hz 220V 50Hz
Packaged cm 71¡Á68¡Á172 79¡Á71¡Á189
G.W kg 110 130
N.W kg 65 75

Biochemical incubator with a cooling and heating two-way temperature regulation system, a temperature-controlled features, plants, biology, microbiology, genetics, viruses, medicine, environmental protection, scientific research, the education sector can not be a lack of laboratory equipment, is widely used in low-temperature thermostat test, culture test, environmental testing, and so on.

Its main features:

1) box of insulating material using polyurethane foam of the foam, external heat (cold) source has strong anti-jamming capability.

2) cavity using plastic molding production, has strong corrosion resistance.

3) all-glass-type container, to facilitate observation of the cavity.

4)To protec control, LED t refrigeration compressors, the control circuit design of power-off function to protect and 4 minutes delay.

5) temperature digital display shows a clear and intuitive


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