Product Description: All Quartz Heating

price 3400–3980RMB
Power supply 220V ¡À 10% 50Hz ¡À 1Hz
power 1500W
Out of water 2500ml / h 3000ml / h
Product Description: All quartz heating

Is the production of high water or high purity reagents used in fully closed quartz glass apparatus

Chemical stability, good acid resistance, (capability except hydrofluoric acid and hot phosphoric acid above 300 ¡æ for all other inorganic acids and organic acids, as well as “aqua regia” erosion. There is a “glass king” of the name)

Principles of advanced and novel structure, installation, operation, maintenance is simple

Distillation products of high purity, non-staining material

The product is the semiconductor industry, environmental monitoring, health and epidemic prevention, monitoring bed biochemistry, nuclear research, isotope analysis, analysis of tertiary sectors such as high-purity preparation of high water or high-purity reagent an ideal device.


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