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The Product Is Widely Used In Distillation

Power Supply AC220V 50Hz
Power 1000W
Temperature range RT-100¡æ
Temperature accuracy ¡À0.5¡æ
Temperature fluctuation ¡À0.5¡æ
Temperature uniformity ¡À0.5¡æ
Working size 400¡Á280¡Á180mm
Package size 55¡Á45¡Á46cm
G£®W. 13.5kg
N£®W. 12kg
Super-heated water tank is a high-precision, intelligent temperature apparatus, the product cycle of mixing device equipped with water bath, allow the liquid inside the tank can be carried out outside the inner loop cycle, thus greatly improving the temperature uniformity.

The product is widely used in distillation, drying, concentration and temperature stain chemicals or biological products, also widely used in a rotary evaporator and other equipment, constant temperature source.


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