602 Oil Bath 78974

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Super Constant Temperature Bath Is Widely Used In Distillation

Power supply 220V 50Hz¡¡
Power 2000W
Temperature range RT+5¡ª300¡æ/400¡æ
Temperature fluctuation ¡À0.5¡æ
Temperature uniformity ¡À0.5¡æ
Working size 400¡Á280¡Á210mm
Super constant temperature bath is widely used in distillation, drying, concentration, etc., also applies to a rotary evaporator and other equipment, constant temperature source.

The product uses an advanced liquid mixing technology that enables rapid solution flow, thereby enhancing the oil temperature uniformity and stability. Tank for the high-quality imported stainless steel plate manufacture, resistant to corrosion resistance. Box for high-quality cold-rolled steel and spray, looks nice, built-in stainless steel circulation pump may be internal and external circulation, improve the temperature uniformity.

Microcomputer temperature control, platinum sensor, temperature control and high precision.
Touch-screen buttons can be manually selected and self-tuning temperature
A double-digit display, over-temperature alarm, digital display set temperature and actual temperature.


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