Atl-72 / Adult ACLs Training Manikin(Soft) 74730

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The System Consists Of Full-Body Manikin, AED Machine, Blood Pressure Measurement And Data Display Of CPR. It Provides A Simple And Practical ACLS Training Tool.

Atl-72 Adult ACLs Training Manikin(Soft)
The system consists of full-body manikin, AED machine, blood pressure measurement and data display of CPR. It provides a simple and practical ACLS training tool.


1. All functions on Adult ALS Training Manikin
2. Simulating of a patient, the change of pupils and carotid, the sound of respiratory, moan, cough and vomit, more than 10 kinds of rhythm (access to ? lead ECG monitoring), unilateral or bilateral bronchial obstruction, laryngospasm simulation
3. Physical Therapy: ECG monitoring via defibrillation connectors, the maximal energy of defibrillation is 360J, the frequency of external pace maker is set to 60times/min and the current threshold is 40mA
4. Intravenous infusion and blood pressure measure training
5. Automatically external defibrillation machine (only for training use), providing electrode pad and electrode button.
6. It gives perfect SOFT LIFE-LIKE feel.
Alternative Accessories:
1. Rescue console
2. Trauma modules of limbs

Packing: Each set is individually packed in a Deluxe Briefcase.


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