DF-II 85248

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DF-II Collector-Type Magnetic Heating Stirrer High Insulation Materials

Supply power 220V 50Hz
Step range Start -1600min£¬ stepless
Control range RT+5–300¡æ
Power 25W
Heating power 800W
Working size 160¡Á160¡Á120mm
Package 33¡Á33¡Á35
G.W: kg 9
N.W: kg 8
DF-II collector-type magnetic heating stirrer high insulation materials, equipped with magnetic stirring device, a small heat loss, temperatures are high, especially for pairs of substances other than oil heating and stirring apparatus using DC motor drive, coupled with son of high-quality PTFE stirring, with low power consumption, spin torque large, corrosion resistance and so on. Widely used in various institutions, environmental protection, scientific research, health and epidemic prevention, chemical, medical and other units in the laboratories for stirring and mixing the liquid solution.


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