Atl-48 Decubitus Wound Care Simulator(soft)
This model has been precisely designed by our highly trained medical professionals and is recommended for students in all major Colleges, Universities and Medical Institutions. This is the most advanced and detailed training model that gives the soft feel like the real Decubitus


The structure of the model is realistic and in good shape. This feature can help to provide a good training of Ostomy.
Designed to help to introduce the essentials of ostomy care to patients and students, this unit is ideal for demonstrated and practice for several procedures.
The anatomy of both a colostomy and ileostomy are carefully reproduced to provide life-like function and appearance.
Dilation of the stomas can be demonstrated and practiced, along with application of postoperative and permanent ostomy bags. The colostomy can actually be irrigated. A soft pliable material is used for the stomas in order to achieve a most realistic tactile sensation.

Packing: Each piece is individually packed in a thick carton.


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