Highly Purified Quartz Glass Tube 39357

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Main Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters: Main technical parameters:
1. Physical and chemical compositions:
(1) Chemical compositions: total content of impurity including Al, Fe, Ca, Mg,Ti, Ni, Cu, Mn, Li, B, K, Na ¡Ü0.003%, among, B¡Ü0.1¡Á10 %; Cu¡Ü0.1¡Á10 %; Fe¡Ü0.1¡Á10 %.
(2) Thermal stability: The glass tube under the saltus at 1100¡æ does not have crackle and inbreak after being tested three times.
(3)Crystallization resistance: The glass tube at the temperature of 1200¡æ for half an hour doesn¡¯t have recrystallization white point with the diameter £¾0.5 mm.
2¡¢It can be classified into three grades according to appearance.
Specification and size: (Unit:mm)
1¡¢All parameters of the gas melted transparent quartz glass tube should be resistant with related data specified in the following table.
Introduction: Highly purified gas melted transparent quartz glass tube is mainly used in transparent quartz glass instrument and ware in the industries of semiconductor, electron tube and electrical light source.


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