Horizontal Rotor(TY-B) 14466

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Model: TY-B
Technical Parameters: 1.Power supply£º220V 50Hz
2. Swing frequency: start up-120 times/min
3. Worktable area: 320*270mm
4. Operating time: continuous
5. Oscillating type:Orbital type
Introduction: TY-B is orbital swing discoloring oscillator ,it is mainly used for the fixing of separated band of electrophoresis gel; the oscillation and swing while dyeing and discoloring; the fixing, dyeing and photographic developing of silver nitrate while dyeing; the photographic developing and fixing of X-rays negative in the self developing radiation test; further processing for cellulose membrane after transferring electrophoresis; the reaction and dyeing of between antigen and antiboby; molecular hybridization as well as cell culture, etc.. The instrument can be applied in the tests for which solutions are required to be swayed.
The instrument uses imported motor with hanging structure and features stable sway, extremely low noise, adjustable sway frequency and continuous operation.


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