Hot-Air Drying Sterilization Box 95277

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Product Name Hot-Air Drying Sterilization Box

Product name Hot-air drying sterilization box
Model GRX-9023A GRX-9053A GRX-9123A GRX-9203A
Power supply 220V 50HZ
Temperature range RT+10¡æ~250¡æ
Temperature resolution 0.1¡æ
Temperature fluctuation ¡À0.1¡æ
Working size 300*300*280mm 420*370*350mm 550*360*550mm 600*550*600mm
Hot-air drying sterilization box makes use of high temperature and drying-heated to microbial oxidation,dielectric concentration causes poisoning,which mainly damages cell bioplasm through the effects of oxidization,makes microbial death,so it can kill all the microorganisms in a certain heating time


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