Micro Oscillator 70094

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Model: MM-1
Technical Parameters: 1.Oscillation frequency range: min. 25-35Hz,
max. 45-60£¨HZ£©
2. Oscillation acceleration: X-axle(left to right) 0.5-1.3g
Y-axle (back and forth) 0.5-2g
Z-axle( vertically) 0.25-0.5g
3. Power supply voltage: AC 220V¡À10V£¬50¡À2HZ
4. Power consumption: ¡´10W
5. Overall dimensions: 210*192*115 (mm)
Introduction: The micro-oscillator is mainly used in various hemagglutination tests, biological bacteria test, virus immunity test, clinical examination and routine test.


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