Automiatic Stainless Steel Sterilizer 87413

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Product Name Automatic Stainless Steel Sterilizer

Product Name Automatic Stainless Steel Sterilizer
Model LDZX-40B LDZX-50B LDZX-75B
Capacity 40L 50L 75L
Maximum temperature 0.14Mpa
Maximum timing 9999MIN
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Heating tube power 3.5Kw
Woring size ¡é350*450mm ¡é350*520mm ¡é400*580mm
Overall dimension 1250*600*280mm 1300*600*600mm

The sterilizer is rapid and reliable disinfection and sterilization equipment by the application of pressured and saturated applies to the medical cares,scientific research,agriculture and other mainly disinfect the medical equipment,dressings,glassware,and other culture medium solutions.

Automatic application of stainless steel vertical pressure of saturated steam sterilizer for items fast and reliable sterilization equipment for medical and health services, scientific research, agriculture and other units, medical equipment, dressings, glassware, solution culture ki disinfected.


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