PRC US Plug Smart Sensor Extra Ultrasonic Anti Mosquito Pest Repeller Repellent

  • Smart sensor extra ultrasonic
  • Anti Mosquito Pest Repeller Repellent
  • US Plug. Comes with 220v ultrasonic pest chaser electronic ultrasonic indoor rat mouse insect rodent pest control repeller
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220V Ultrasonic Pest Chaser Electronic Ultrasonic Indoor Rat Mouse Insect Rodent Pest Control Repeller Features : 1, Using high-tech ultrasonic frequency. 2. Low power consumption, human, animal friendly, does not interfere with electrical characteristics. 3. Effectively driving the mice within their jurisdiction, and can inhibit the rat reproductive function. orking principle : This product uses high-tech means, it can produce an ultrasonic frequency, effectively get rid of the mice within their jurisdiction. While other insects also have some effect, making it suited to flee. Scope : 1, The product is mainly used for repelling mouse functions, while other insects also have some effect. 2, The product can be widely used : home, restaurants, warehouses, offices, shops, hotels, farms, hospitals, offices, rooms, hotels, garden, barn and so on. 3, The effective reach of 50 square meters. Instructions : This product will be inserted in the 20-80 cm, above ground power outlet can be used. Precautions : 1. Do not install it in the outdoors, doorways, windows and other space usage where will affect its results. 2, The use of this product for 1-2 weeks to reach optimal interference effect, there will be normal mice running around. 3, Children should be used under adult guardianship. 4. When using do not have objects directly blocked, so as not to reduce the effect of flooding control.


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