The Product Is Suitable For Hospital Hygiene, Universities,

Oscillation frequency Start up~260r/m
Temperature range 5~50
Temperature accuracy ¡À1
Mode of oscillation Orbital type
Amplitude 20mm
Heating power 300W
Frozen power 236W
Working volume 25L
Timing range 5-120minutes(or often opened)
Load 20 kg
Package size(cm)

HZQ type full-temperature oscillator uses compressor cooling, digital display temperatures, temperature control, high precision, high-quality motor drive, with great power, no noise, the advantages of stable oscillation.

The product is suitable for hospital hygiene, universities, petrochemical metallurgy, environmental protection and food sectors such as agriculture, forestry, science experiments, for biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, cell and other research areas of vaccine and bacterial culture and other relevant experimental purposes.


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